Motto: „ Nine-tenths of wisdom is - to be wise on time.“
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Get exact regional market data about sales of complete portfolio in pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic.

Analyze regional data almost "online" in real time when they are up to date, without any unnecessary delay of one month or even more.

Increase sales of your products, improve efficiency through timely information about behaviour of customers in pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic.


Data collection - daily

  • Exact data from all pharmacies are processed the next day
  • Immediately visible impact of your marketing campaigns on customer behavior in pharmacies
  • Historical data are permanently available


Quick response to customer needs

  • Processing of clients' individual requirements
  • Ad-hoc analysis in the short term
  • On-site analysis
  • Our experts are always available and ready to help with data interpretation

Added Value

Deep market insight

  • Segmentation of pharmacy customers by age, by gender and by region
  • Information about the concurrently prescribed drugs
  • Segmentation of prescribing physicians by specialization and by region
  • Immediate response to the ongoing campaigns

Our services

Realtime Prescriptions is continuous analysis of data from the prescriptions (recipes) issued by the panel of cooperating pharmacies. It is possible to use and monitor set of available parameters resulting from pharmacy data analysis as basis for important sales and marketing strategy decisions.

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About us

The company Realtime Pharma Ltd. was created as a response to existing needs of the pharmaceutical industry regarding high quality and timely information about sales of prescription drugs, OTC drugs, food supplements and medical cosmetics in pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic divided into smaller regions.

The company Realtime Pharma Ltd. joined experts with extensive experience in the area of data warehousing, working with "Big Data", ERP systems and applications tools "Business Intelligence" with experts in the management of sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products.

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